Grading Standards

At Lilies by Blewden we apply strict and exacting grading standards to every stem we produce.  Every stem is individually inspected by our highly trained grading staff and assigned a grade according to the number of buds and their arrangement on the stem, stem length and strength and whether there is any visible pest or disease damage.

All our lilies receive our exclusive post-harvest treatment which significantly improves vase life, promotes full bud development to produce vibrant full sized flowers and prevents pre-mature yellowing of leaves which can be a particular problem with the Oriental lilies.

Asiatic and L/A Hybrid Grading Standards 

Export Grade (3 stem bunch)

  • Minimum of 3 flowering buds per stem

  • Strong straight stems

  • Stem length 80cm - 90cm

  • Healthy green foliage

  • No physical damage or blemishes

First Grade (5 stem bunch)

  • Minimum of 2 buds per stem

  • Some weaker or bent stems

  • Stem length 70cm - 80cm

  • Healthy foliage

  • Some minor blemishes may be present 

ORIENTAL, O/T and Longiflorum Grading Standards

 Export Grade

Graded according to bud count:

  • 1 bud (10 stem bunch)

  • 2 Bud (5 stem bunch)

  • 3+ bud (3 stem bunch)

  • Strong straight stems

  • Stem length 70cm - 90cm depending on variety

  • Healthy green foliage

  • No physical damage or blemishes


Second Grade 

All product falling outside the above grades
A random mixture of colours and types
8 - 10 stems per bunch