Lilies Limited - trading as Lilies by Blewden

Company Profile

Lilies by Blewden was established in 1993 and is now owned by Colin and Mary Birch as Lilies Ltd.

From humble beginnings on an asparagus field on the banks of the Waikato River just out of Cambridge, 11,000 square meters of automated greenhouses produce 1.1 million stems per year, gives consistent and reliable all-year round supply.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff are committed to supplying top-quality lilies and service every order, every day.

Lilies by Blewden is one of very few flower producers in New Zealand to meet the stringent demands of NZ GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).  This is your guarantee that our flowers have been produced using Industry Best Practice. In particular, our commitment to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) means chemical use is kept to an absolute minimum - resulting in fewer nasty residues on your lilies.

When you choose Lilies by Blewden you choose a partner who will work with you, who will seek to understand your needs and who will strive to give you the best flowers and service everytime.

Values and Behaviours

The values and the behviours that we expect of ourselves and our staff are listed below 

  1. We value Professionalism

  • We demonstrate a commitment to excellence, value accuracy and high standards
  1. We value Health and Safety

  • We demonstrate a proactive attitude to maintaining a safety culture
  1. We value Teamwork

  • We respect colleagues and work co-operatively
  1. We value Accountability

  • If we fail to live up to your expectations we will put it right
  1. We value the Environment

  • We minimise environmental impacts wherever possible

Quality Statement

 It is our aim to service our customers with quality New Zealand grown lilies 52 weeks of the year. We will achieve this by:

  • Providing our customers with relevant and timely information.
  • Responding to our customer inquiries and orders quickly
  • Developing and maintaining close relationships with our customers
  • Knowing and understanding our customer's needs
  • Utilising environmentally sensitive, best practice growing systems
  • Using rigorous grading and packing standards
  • Having effective management systems
  • Assessing and introducing new cultivars on a regular basis